Shamanic healing & bodywork offered by an introverted healer, in a safe space for introverts and extroverts, alike. 

I am Terri Urban. I am a healer (but not a fixer), a dreamer, a shamanic practitioner, and a change creator.

My medicine bag is well stocked with tools from the physical world and the invisible world. I am trained in structural integration, massage, cranial sacral therapy, many modalities of shamanic healing, and my learning journey continues to meander through time and space as new teachers and modalities show up.

You may find yourself in a place of transition and feeling uneasy. Or perhaps you are an empath or highly sensitive person seeking support interacting with the seen and unseen. Are you looking to dive deeper into who you are and why you are here, both physically and energetically? Whether transitioning by choice, or because life kicked you in the ass, moving in a new direction can be easier with support and guidance, such as the healing work I offer.

My passion is for healing in a way that starts by looking into the invisible world and brings that information to a conscious level in the physical world. We use this information to assist  with multidimensional healing and transformation. My 27 years of bodywork experience is very helpful when physical integration is best achieved via hands-on support.

In every session we work together to allow an organic unfolding of what is needed for the most gentle and complete healing. On any given day those needs can vary, and I honor that process with each individual who finds their way to me for healing.

Being an introvert myself, I understand how difficult asking for and receiving face-to-face support can be. I aim to bridge that gap by offering Shamanic Healing services with my own personalized introvert touch. I invite you to learn more about my services.