I work with people with vast amount of experiences. Two of the most common expressions I hear from clients are- “you’re going to think I am crazy” or “this is going to sound crazy.”  To which I lovingly laugh and say,  I talk to dead people and inter-dimensional(non-human) beings, so you’re going to have to go pretty far for me to think you’re crazy.  Reading this, some people will think that I’m crazy, that’s fine, this article isn’t for you.  For others, these words may strike a resonance, a memory and/or an experience, and you, are who I am talking to.

I help people understand that otherworldly experiences are not uncommon, even if they aren’t always accepted in the mainstream, except maybe in movies.  Since I was a kid, I have been aware of spirits of dead people who walk the earth and inter-dimensional beings.  I often feel beings before hearing or seeing them.  As a child, it was terrifying because I didn’t understand why I frequently felt like someone was following me, so I have a lot of empathy for people who get frightened when they have other worldly experiences.  Learning how to work with those beings changed my life.  Now, part of my work is helping others understand why a being is showing up, and if necessary,  how to help the being move on.  This is done in a very gentle way.  Sometimes, souls of former humans or inter dimensional beings can be combative, but most are not.  These beings can be showing up in a good way to help a person in their life, or they can be creating challenges for a person and feeding off of a person’s emotions.  To help those beings who may be creating chaos in a person’s life, it’s a matter of helping the embodied person shift their resonance with the being, and helping the non-human being find what they need in a different way.  There are many people, who are perfectly sane, that hear voices, see spirits of the dead and have experiences with inter-dimensional(non-human) beings.  All humans have intuition, but many have forgotten, and when it starts to show up in this way, it can sometimes be scary.

Sometimes, people are asking for these experiences, but they do not show up in ways that the person wanted.  I worked with someone who was sharing a story of their friend getting left feathers from a loved one on the others side.  They wanted to experience this too, so they started asking for physical signs of existence on the other side.   Then, they had the experience of an object suddenly thrown across the room “on it’s own,” and it was frightening.  Well, they were getting the messages they asked for, but not recognizing that the object being thrown across the room was their proof.  When I pointed this out, they said, “that’s not how I wanted the message!”  Messages do not always show up how we want them, and we do need to be careful in how we word our requests, because they are often taken literally!  I want a physical sign…ok, here’s something being thrown across the room, lights/appliances  going on/off, or items appearing or disappearing in the house.  Most messages are not that blatant.  More often, they show up  in our own thoughts, in a line in a book, in the words of a conversation with friend, things we find along our path, or the lyrics of a song.  Those things we keep hearing multiple times, that is often a message that is getting put in front of us, and asking us to pay attention.

There is nothing special about me, and my ability to connect into the invisible world.  It’s just that I have had a lot of people who have helped me rememberer, and understand, how to do it.  It’s not just something I do for work, it’s how I live my life.  It’s what I help others remember they know how to do, they have just forgotten.   It’s not just something that happens on the meditation pillow, but can be used to help us connect deeper to ourselves and make our everyday decisions.  A lot of intuition is learning how to listen to the sensations that show up in our body, understanding that all of the thoughts we have are not always our own, but can come from the invisible world(and that doesn’t make us crazy).

In working with energy, I teach people how to feel the energy field around oneself.  When we can begin to feel our own energy field around our body, and learn how interactions with the world affect it/us, we can also learn how to repair it and balance it.  We can learn when others’ energy, whether living or in the invisible world, are affecting our energy.   We experience life energetically way more than most people realize.  It’s the tension we feel when we walk in a room, the feeling of love when we see that special person, the weird vibe we get from the person standing next to us, the parent who knows that something is wrong with their child…that is what energy is. That is the invisible web of life that connects each of us, and yes, it also connects us into other dimensions.  Yes, it can take us further down the rabbit hole, whether we want to consciously, or not.  It’s also what can help us heal, and create new patterns in our life.

With shamanic work,  it’s possible to shift  patterns, and to see oneself in a different light.  There is possibility to discover light in the places that may be dark and confusing; and to recognize that within those dark places are often pieces of ourselves that have been lost, where dreams have been forgotten and creative gifts hidden.  In a healing session, I help hold a space of safety and love, so you can explore old wounds, mend old hurts , explore connections of other dimensions, and rewrite agreements that may have made unconsciously.  I help people remember how to connect with their higher, deeper part of oneself, and begin or continue to expand, ones ability to listen on a soul level.  I do my best to make teachings practical, so they may be useful in everyday life.

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Much love and gratitude,