If other worldly being are showing up in your life, it is important to be able to distinguish if they are showing up in a good way to be helpful, or not. 

How do I know if a being is showing up in a good way?  Discernment!!!  We can use the feelings/sensations that occur in one’s body to help distinguish whether something feels right, wrong, or neutral.  

I see discernment like a blanket, the more we can pull it apart into finer and finer threads, the more we can get to the details of what is happening unconsciously.  Discernment is important for everyone, particularly the highly sensitive, empathic person.  If something doesn’t feel right, trust it, even if you are unsure as to why.  If there’s a being showing up, ask them if they are “with their lights, and showing up in a good way.”  Even if they say yes, ask them 3 times, because their answer may change.  I don’t know why, but there’s some kind of universal law that they have to tell you the truth on the third time.  I have had many experiences where a being says “yes” on the first question, then “yes/no” at the same time on the second question, and then the third answer is “no.”  

Beings that are not showing up in a good way attach to humans because they have a resonance for each other, and both parties are getting something out of it.  They often feed off of human emotions, so if a person has a sudden change of emotions, or thoughts that don’t feel like theirs, I will generally look to see if they have something/someone attached to them.   Other worldly energies can be human souls that have died and have not fully crossed over into the light, an energy resonance, or alien/multidimensional being.  In this post, I am going to talk about souls that haven’t fully crossed over and energy resonances.

Dead humans that are stuck


Some people’s souls do not always fully cross to the other side at death, and can get stuck between the earth and the light(heaven, paradise…insert whatever word works for your belief system).  Religions often call this stuck place, purgatory.  Some of these souls know that they are dead, and choose to stay in this place.  They can, and do, intentionally create chaos for humans.  They may add fuel to the fire when a person is angry, whisper negative thoughts when a person is sad/depressed, and encourage/feed addiction.  

If a soul has unfinished business with a loved one who is still alive, they may also choose to not fully cross over.  They may feel like they have to make sure that the human is ok, or the human may be afraid to let the person totally go, and the soul is not able to completely cross over.  This can create dissonance for the person who is still alive.  I see this a lot with parents and children, between family members, and sometimes with miscarriages.  That is why when someone is dying, it is really helpful to say all the things we need to say, do forgiveness work etc.  That’s a longer blog post that I’ll write about another time.  

Other stuck souls, do not know that they are dead and are no longer in a physical body.  This can happen when a person dies suddenly, tragically or with a lot of unfinished business, and the soul cannot find their way to the light. Sometimes, they are loved ones that we knew who have died, or they may be a soul that the person never knew. Stuck souls can create confusion, anxiety and a variety of emotional responses when they show up in a human’s energy field.  Because the soul does not know that they are dead, they don’t understand why everyone is ignoring them, so they may do things to try to get the persons attention.  These stuck souls can be hanging out at the place where they died, ie the hospital or the place of an accident.  When they come across a human that they resonate with, they may attach onto that person’s energy field and head home with them.  

Getting unstuck


There are gentle ways to help these stuck beings move on, so they can continue their journey in a good way, and no longer interfere in a human’s life. Does it mean when a being is released from a person’s energy field that the addiction, depression anger, or emotions are going to be completely magically healed, no.  Most likely, there is still going to be other work that needs occur to heal.  Having the outside influence released, can help ease the situation so a person can be within their own energy and own personal power, without added dissonance of a stuck being in their energy field.

This does not mean we can just blame our problems on energetic beings that may be attached to us.  This is about who we choose to be “friends” with and surround ourself with.  There are a lot of ways that souls on the other side, and entities, are similar to living humans.  They migrate to those they resonate with.  Sometimes, when we want to change our lives, we have to change the people that we associate with, and the same is true of the invisible beings that we consciously, or unconsciously, invite into our energy fields.  When we can pay attention and recognize that there is an outside influence, it makes it easier to say no, and not offer that being permission.  

When there is a being in our energy field we have, on some level, consciously or unconsciously, given them permission to be there.   Every human is a sovereign being, and has the power to say no, you do not have permission to be in my energy field, my house, or my space.  Some beings will be respectful, and leave.  Others, especially those that know they are dead, or entities from other dimensions, may be more challenging and a person may need help to assist that being in moving on.  This can be done in a very gentle, respectful way for both human and the energetic being.  If you are having issues, and need help, we can do this healing work in person, or over the phone.



Everything has a resonance, and sometimes, it’s the resonance of something that is stuck in a person’s energy field, not a being.  I worked with a young child that had a sudden shift in how he was acting.  His parents were aware that he was a sensitive, empathic child, and sometimes would talk of seeing other beings, so they asked me to take a look at him.  What I saw was this giant blob in his field, and it had a horrible feel to it.  It was something I had never seen before, so I started asking questions to discern what it was about.  It turned out to be the resonance of heroin.  In the moment, I was confused and was questioning the information I was getting because I was working with a 4 year old.  It was an email request, so I was working long distance, and didn’t have the parents available at that moment to ask questions   I knew the parents weren’t drug users, but I kept getting the same answer, it’s heroin.  So, I worked with the child to help remove the resonance and clear the energy field.  When I talked to the parent, I was honest and said, “I don’t understand why I saw this” and explained what happened, without filtering any of the information.  The parent explained that they had been at an event and someone there, that the child really likes, had a history of drug abuse.  A few months later, I saw the same resonance show up with an adult client, who is also empathic. Again, I knew it was someone who was not a drug user.  When I said what I was seeing, they said they had a sibling who was addicted to heroin.  

The teachings I got out of both of these sessions are how important it is to help teach empaths to pay attention and discern how they hold space for other people, to set boundaries on what they are willing to carry in their field, and to teach them how to be able to look into their field and cleanse it out.  

If you think you may be having issues with energetic beings, or resonances, you can schedule a session to work in person, or over the phone. 

Find this information helpful, please share it.  If this strikes a resonance, creates questions or comments, please share them here on the blog. If it’s too personal to share publicly, feel free to email me terri@