In the last blog post, It’s ok to take up space, we talked about bringing our awareness to the energetic field, and how to expand and contract it.  In this post, we are going to explore the wholeness of our field.

When looking at the energetic field, it’s important to look for holes, places where there may be damage or where it has thinned out.  Holes can create a space for energy to leak in from the environment, the collective, and the people around us. When there are holes, we may not feel whole; we may feel vulnerable, tired, drained of energy, have spinning thoughts, be overwhelmed by being around people, or easily overstimulated by noise and activity.

Some of the things that may cause holes in the energetic field are trauma, drugs, alcohol, stress, fatigue, other people poking holes or cutting it open, giving away our power, and allowing ourselves to be too open.

After a car accident, I have seen a field have dents and the energy of an automobile still stuck in it.  When there has been an experience of conflict or betrayal, the field may be cut open out of spite and sometimes, the knives or arrows are still embedded in the field.  Some people will unconsciously open their field and take on other people’s pain in an attempt to help another heal.

How can I tell if there are holes?

If you are visual, try closing your eyes and looking at your field with your inner eyes to see if there are holes.  If you are a feeler, reach out with your hands or your awareness, and feel around the field for places where it may feel different, empty, or thinned out.  It may take practice, and a lot of paying attention, so be patient with yourself.  If you have a hard time being aware of the field, go back to expanding/contracting the field to help create awareness of where your field is.  If you need a refresher on that, read the previous blog post It’s ok to take up space!

How do I fix holes?

The 8th chakra is located above your head, just outside of the energetic field.   It is possible to use this chakra to help heal the energetic field by reaching up into the 8th chakra with your hands, or intention, and pulling it down around you.  As you pull it down, it can help fill in the outer layer of the field.  Another technique some people find helpful is to imagine filling in the hole with light, and allow the light to seal the field.

As you fill in the holes, pay attention to what happens in your body.  Your body is going to give you feedback.  The feedback may be really subtle; it could be a major shift, or somewhere in between.  As a hole gets filled in, you may notice a shift in tension, a change in breathing, a feeling of wholeness, or being brighter.

This may be enough to fill in the holes.  However, if they are deep set, there may be more work that needs to be done.  I worked with one person that had been in a relationship with a narcissist.  The person’s field had been sliced open from the throat chakra to the second chakra, and the field needed to be worked in layers to sew it back together.  If there are things embedded in the field, you may be able to release it yourself, or you may need assistance.  There’s a teaching that “we can’t get a splinter out of our own ass,” the same may be true of large tears or things embedded in our field.

How do I know if I am just imagining this, or making this up?

Again, pay attention to the reactions in your body.  We live through our imagination all of the time!  Every human construct started as someone’s imagination.  The bridge you drive over was once imagined by an engineer, the clothes you are wearing started in the imagination of a designer, and the house you live in is a builder’s dream brought to fruition.  Marketing companies use our imagination to sell us all of the materialistic pieces of our lives.  Commercials tap into our taste buds, help us picture ourselves in a new car or relaxing on that beach vacation, and movies and books can create experiences of traveling through other worlds.  If you think of something that you are afraid of or someone that you love, what happens to your body?  It reacts just like you were interacting with the experience.  If you are worrying about something that might happen, you are using your imagination and your body can create the same stress response as if it was really happening.

Our life experience comes from how we perceive it through our body and mind.  The invitation here is to change the paradigm of our perception, and yes, we can use your imagination as part of that process. Imagination can be a powerful tool that can contribute to expanding our intuition, creating a place of healing, for letting go, for reclaiming our power, and for remembering joy, love, and laughter.

These are some of the teachings that I currently work with, that work for me, and that I’ve found helpful with clients. Others may have different ways.  Please take what is yours, what resonates, what works for you, and throw away the rest.

In the next blog post, we will look at how we reach out into the world with our energy, and other ways that people may be reaching into our energetic fields without our awareness.

If you think you may be having issues with you energetic field, or would like to learn more about working with your field, you can schedule an in person, or phone session through the website.

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