I sometimes get asked about spirits, or odd things happening in someone’s house. People’s experience may be seeing something out of the corner of their eye, interference with lights or electrical appliances, hearing strange sounds, objects getting moved, or just a sense of a presence in the house.  It happens, and there can be different reactions to this happening; some people think it’s cool, some find it frightening and some are indifferent as long as the spirit is not causing any problems.

In these circumstances, some possibilities of what could be going on:

    • A soul can be stuck between the worlds, they may not know that they’re dead, and they need help to finish crossing into the spirit world.
    • A soul knows there dead, and has intentionally attached themselves to the house, an object, or a person living in the house
    • There can be an imprint of something that is replaying…so it’s not an actual being that is stuck, just a memory of something that happened, and it may need to be cleared out.

The only way I can tell what’s going on, is to look around energetically in the house or building.  I can do that work from anywhere, I don’t need to be in your house, but I do need your permission to energetically look around.  It’s just as rude to energetically enter your house without permission, as it would be to physically enter without permission.

I approach this work with a great deal of respect for the souls that may need help; both those currently in human form living in the house, and those that are in spirit form.  It’s not about going in poking, prodding and evicting a spirit like you might see in a Hollywood movie.  It’s about truly finding out what a being may need, and helping them find that in a way that is beneficial for all parties involved.

I talk to the soul, see what their circumstances are, why they are in the house, ask if they’re willing to leave the house, and/or what we might do to help them.  I also check to make sure there isn’t anyone else in the house that you may not be aware of, or anything else that may need to be cleared out.

I have seen souls become more active when things start to change in their environment.  Often, they are souls that are stuck between the worlds, and need help to finish crossing over.

I have a client, that when a new house was being built in their development, there was an uptick in souls getting agitated around their house, causing interference with electrical appliances, making noises, and sometimes their presence could be felt.  In that development, when construction workers started digging into the Earth, it is like they were ripping the bandage off an old wound, and stuck souls started to rise to the surface.  I’ve never researched the history of the land, but when I worked with it, there were a lot of stuck slaves and soldiers that needed help to finish crossing over.    

Imagine someone coming into your house, just starting to renovate, and completely ignoring your existence; that’s what it’s like for those souls.  Sometimes, what appears as an agitated soul to us, is really a soul that is confused about what is happening.  They are still stuck in the experience, era of time and trauma when they died, as well experiencing whatever is happening in the current time period.  When we help them see through the confusion, they are often grateful to be helped to fully cross over into the spirit world, and get out of their trauma.    On occasion, there is a soul that doesn’t want to fully cross over, and that’s ok.  Then, we help them find a place in the multiverse where they can find what they need, where they can benefit the environment, and so they are not interfering with the current environment that they are stuck in.

When a soul is stuck between the worlds, it creates a dissonance for both the stuck soul and embodied humans; so when we help those souls fully cross over, It’s truly a gift that benefits all of creation.

If you have any questions or comments, please use the comment section below.  If you are having issues in your house, and would like to discuss a consultation, please email me terri@theintrovetedhealer.com