Animal Listening & Healing Sessions

Animal communication healing work is  done at a distance. After a breif telephone consultation with you, I will check in with your pet in the spirit world and see if they are willing to open a line of communication with me. Sometimes the connection happens quickly, other times it takes a few offers to build trust, and other times animals simply have no interest. It may take a few days or up to a week to determine if the communication will be successful. For the animals who are indeed in need of assistance, they will usually accept the offer of a listening session so that their needs can be heard.

You may choose to provide specific questions you would like for me to ask during the session, in addition to the open space I offer your pet to say what they need to say. I will report back any messages that are to be shared with you.

Many of the same shamanic healing modalities that are useful for us humans are also used with animal beings as well. During the session I may conduct cord cuttings, soul healing, soul retrievals, or other healings as requested by your pet during the session.


We reached out to Terri after struggling with supporting a newly adopted rescue cat who was experiencing major aggression with our other adoptee, unable to share space with other animals, and acting out violently towards us as well. Terri was able to work with our new little baby, uncover some early kitten trauma, and provide us with gentle guidance and strategies on how to provide space for our kitty to decompress and slowly build trust with others. It sounds simple, but it was very emotional and powerful. Terri’s communications with our little one came at a time when our friends were telling us to send her back to the shelter or try psychotropic medications. We are grateful for Terri’s compassion, kindness, and her keen insight in working with our fur family. We are happy to report that with a little patience and understanding, we have seen major changes in our little baby’s overall anxiety and aggression and feel hopeful and grateful for what lies ahead.

– Shawn and Jess