About Clients Who Work With Terri

You’ll find what you’re looking for here, if you are:

Wanting and willing to explore your life as a multidimensional being. It’s ok if you are new to this paradigm, or if you’ve been doing it for a long time.

Ready and willing to create change.

Ready and willing to walk through the uncomfortable places to create new possibilities, magic and beauty.

Ready to heal yourself and not just looking for someone to fix you.

Yes, I am a healer. No I’m not a fixer. If you are looking for someone to fix you, I am not the person for whom you search.

I will:

Walk beside you and help you see around your blind spots.

Assist you in opening new doors, creating new possibilities, removing old beliefs.

Cut cords you are ready to cut with people, places that no longer serve you.

Help you call back pieces of you that you may have lost or forgotten.

Remove energies & entities that may interfering with your life.

I will help empower you to spin your own magic and move roadblocks that you are ready to remove.

Healing and change can be graceful and easy.  It doesn’t have to be hard, unless you choose for it to be.