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If you’re ready to request a healing, please use this form to make your request. I will be in touch to make arrangements. 

Email healing sessions are only for established clients.
Please let me know if you found this space via a personal referral or an internet search.
Indicate when you are available for an appointment.

In-person bodywork and energy work available in Durham on Mondays, Wednesdays and Thursdays. Phone sessions, and House Clearings are available Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.

I welcome communication from you! If you have questions about the shamanic healing work I offer or a response to a blog post please use this form to reach out.

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Should I do a phone session or email?

If we’ve never worked together, then a phone session is required. This allows us to begin to establish a relationship where we can get to know each other. After an initial session, you can send a request to look at via email. With some requests, a phone session may be required, especially if it appears a soul retrieval is needed.

Email sessions are for the person who is looking for insight and healing work, but wants to do their processing on their own. It is not about avoidance and having the work done for you. In fact, it’s the exact opposite. I will journey on your request, and do any healing work that shows up and transmit any messages via email. It’s for the person who can take the info that comes through the healing, and dive deep within themselves to process the messages and recommendations that are brought forth.

If you’re someone who needs to talk things through, then a phone session is recommended.

For many, telling their story and being heard/listened too is really important. As the healing work unfolds, a phone session allows for asking of questions and to possibly be taken into places that a person may not have considered.

Can I make a healing request for someone else?

You may only make a healing request for yourself, your child, or a person who is dying and unable to make the request themselves i.e. unconscious or dementia. In order to do this work in a respectful way, I need permission to enter into a person’s spiritual life.

The exceptions are for kids under 18, a parent may make the request, but the child must be on the phone for the session so they may answer for themselves as much as possible.

The other exception is for end of life work. If a person is unconscious, or has dementia, a family member can make the request. In this case, I will talk to the dying person’s soul, and see if permission is granted to work with them.