Distance Shamanic Healing Sessions

Energetic sessions do not have to occur in person.  I work with people on a soul level, and just like our cell phones, our souls are wireless.  Soul to soul communication is the original internet that the indigenous people have always known about and utilized for healing.

Talking directly to your soul allows us to step past the conscious mind.  It allows us access to the information of who you are at a deeper level, and to see things that may be hidden including beliefs that may be sabotaging your ability to move forward.  It’s going beyond the ego, and entering the doorway of the heart to access the soul.

Each session unfolds organically by me listening to your story of where you are, and where you are attempting to go/heal.  At the same time, I listen to your soul, your guides and anyone/anything that shows up within the session.  If a session is done via email, it’s similar.  I read your request, journey into the spirit world, talk to your soul and guides to do the healing work that you are ready to do.  Then, I email you any information that is to be shared.  I offer one follow up email if there is any information that needs to be clarified.  If there is further information needed, or more work to be completed, it would be either another session whether through email, phone or in person.

I offer energetic sessions in person, on the phone, and through email.  

Shamanic healings I offer:

Dreaming/Journeying into the spirit world to talk to a person’s soul and guides regarding the healing or creation that is ready to occur.  Talking to a person’s soul can bring forth messages to assist in healing old wounds, opening new doorways, helping a person remember who they are on a soul level and to offer greater insight about one’s journey in this world.  

Sometimes, I play a frame drum as part of a journey.  When this occurs, I also invite you to journey into the spirit world in your own way.*  This allows you the opportunity to seek your own messages.  After the journey, we can discuss what we both experienced and how it relates to your current healing work.  Some people choose not to discuss what they experienced or only share parts of it, that’s ok.  I will always share whatever is meant to be shared.

*Offered via phone consultations only.

Reiki- Using universal energy to create balance, relaxation and healing.  It can be done in person or from a distance.

Cord Cutting- Energetic cords are cords of energy that we sometimes create with people.  Whether created intentionally, or unintentionally, they can keep people connected in unhealthy ways and allow others to feed off of one’s energy.  They can increase the drama and challenge in a relationship, keep one from being able to fully move on when a relationship ends, and decrease a person’s physical vitality.  Cords can occur with anyone and are common among family members, significant others, coworkers and even create familial patterns that are passed on through the generations.  When the cords are cut it can allow for healing of all the people who had been connected to that cord.

Removing cords does not mean that a relationship will end with the other person(s).  Without the cord and feeding of energy, it can help bring a better clarity to all those involved.  

What indicates looking for cords:

  • Old family patterns that someone is trying to shift
  • When a relationship has ended or has been having challenges
  • Unexplained emotions or anxiety

Soul healing- Looking for any energies/entities in that may be affecting you.  These can be souls that have died and are stuck between the worlds, or resonances of emotions that are impacting you.  Souls that are stuck between the worlds are sometimes people that you may have known, but not always.  Often times they have a message, but sometimes they are just looking for someone to help them finish their journey into the spirit world.  They can affect a person’s thought patterns, feelings, emotions, and energetic vitality. Some examples of when I look specifically at utilizing soul healing:

  • When there has been a death in the family
  • Miscarriages or abortions
  • After surgeries or times spent in/around hospitals
  • When someone feels like they can’t let go of thought patterns that are not typical for them
  • Changes in mood that don’t make sense
  • Trauma

Soul Retrieval – Soul retrieval is a shamanic process of bringing back a piece of a person’s soul, or vital essence, that has disconnected from the person. When pieces of the soul are missing, it can be like attempting to run a business without having a full staff. It can leave us feeling as though we are out of balance, and we may truly feel as though a piece of us is missing.

Symptoms of soul loss may include:

  • feeling powerless
  • apathy
  • having difficulty being present, or as though we’re watching life like a movie.
  • feeling numb, deadened, or empty
  • a common expression when soul loss has happened is “I have never felt the same since _____ happened.”

Common causes of soul loss are traumas that are too unbearable for a person to stay present for i.e. surgery, loss of a loved one, divorce, rape, incest, violence, abuse.

During a Soul Retrieval healing session, I will journey into the spirit world (or non-ordinary reality) to look for any missing piece(s), see if it’s willing to return, assist the piece with any healing it may need to feel safe to return, and bring the piece back to the person receiving the healing.