What Clients Say About My Work

We reached out to Terri after struggling with supporting a newly adopted rescue cat who was experiencing major aggression with our other adoptee, unable to share space with other animals, and acting out violently towards us as well. Terri was able to work with our new little baby, uncover some early kitten trauma, and provide us with gentle guidance and strategies on how to provide space for our kitty to decompress and slowly build trust with others. It sounds simple, but it was very emotional and powerful. Terri’s communications with our little one came at a time when our friends were telling us to send her back to the shelter or try psychotropic medications. We are grateful for Terri’s compassion, kindness, and her keen insight in working with our fur family. We are happy to report that with a little patience and understanding, we have seen major changes in our little baby’s overall anxiety and aggression and feel hopeful and grateful for what lies ahead.

– Shawn and Jess

Thank you Terri for working with me in phone sessions while I’ve been quarantined during our COVID19 crisis! I never fail to leave the sessions with many insights about the work I have to do and with more understanding about ancestral patterns and my relationship with some of my loved ones who have passed. Even though I enjoyed meeting with you in person, I am finding that being on the phone creates a space without distractions that is helpful to me. I appreciate all of your insights and for your gentle, non-judgmental approach.

– Stephanie M

I’ve been seeing Terri for over a decade now and she’s a huge part of my energetic health and wellness. I’m grateful for the ability to have energy sessions over the phone, especially with home being the safest place to be right now.

Terri helps me find my own answers and connecting with my higher self, she holds a beautiful space for me to grow, facilitates in healing from past traumas, helps me cut cords from other lifetimes and shift my energy to live my souls true purpose.

The way I feel after each session is calm, grateful, empowered, capable, visible and emotionally free. Terri has even helped my clear negative energy from my home via phone sessions as well as offering energetic support when I was recovering from pneumonia.

Every session I’m amazed at Terri’s abilities, guidance and the way I feel after energetic sessions. I’m grateful everyday that our paths have crossed and that we can continue to work together remotely.


Working with Terri has been such a blessing for me. In a short time my life has been transformed in a very deep and lasting way. I feel a freedom from my past addictions and negative patterns that I never believed was possible. Terri has helped me to gain a new understanding of my past and the unhealthy connections I still had to it. She has assisted me in cutting the ties that have kept me bound to the past and very fearful of the future. With each session I feel that I am shedding layer upon layer of false beliefs that have been covering over the truth of who I actually am.  I am no longer afraid to step onto my path and live my truth. Terri truly is a gifted healer and shaman and I am deeply grateful for the work we have done and the potential I now know is possible for me in this life. 

Blessings and love,

– Naia K.

I requested guidance from Terri while abroad in Costa Rica. I signed up for a three month work exchange, and the time away was full of new experiences and old patterns. After a series of intense nights and high emotions, I needed help. There are a handful of people I choose to work with that have the presence, understanding and skills I value. Terri is one of them.

After an email exchange where we teased apart what was happening, she worked with me remotely around all of my concerns. Within days, I felt lighter and freer. She not only helped clear out the old gunk of my psyche, but gave me poignant information about my childhood that shifted my whole understanding of self. With permission, she revealed to me parts of my life that I never told her about. Parts of my childhood that were fundamental to my development that I deemed wrong or discarded.

After integrating the information into my present life, I felt happier. And if there’s anything I want more of it’s joy. I fully and wholeheartedly recommend Terri for any type of healing work, especially when you’re stuck far away and need a helping hand. Hers are warm, compassionate and highly skilled.

– Christopher G.